Now Accepting New Personal Training Clients...Offering affordable pricing, no contract obligations, first session is FREE! Top reasons to hire a personal trainer..motivation, individal attention, consistency, confidence, avoiding injury, clarity and most importantly FUN!.


As a TRX® Certified Trainer, I like to incorporate TRX® Suspension training during workout sessions. This unique training system is designed for in-home or on the go full body exercises. It is a core workout unlike anything else and helps develop long and lean muscle. Since TRX® training uses your own body weight, exercises can be customized to help beginners and even challenge the most advanced athletes. To learn more visit the TRX TRAINING WEBSITE.


Tired of doing the same gym routine over and over and not seeing results? Are you doing the same 30 minute walk on the treadmill? Bored with your current workout program? Train with me, and one thing you will not be, is "bored!" You will benefit from well-rounded training in a safe environment and truly begin to see and feel real results (hello biceps!) Plus, we mix things up to keep your muscles and metabolism operating at full-speed and we strive to offer you that extra encouragement when you lack motivation. I want you to look forward to your workouts! When you walk through the gym door you should shout from the rooftops.."yes, I'm here!" And while you're more than likely here to improve your overall physical appearance and fitness level, there are also plenty of other health benefits to consider, as well. Think of personal training as an investment in YOU, as well as in your long-term general health.


Barre is a fun, energetic, workout that fuses techniques from Dance, Pilates, and Yoga that will tone, define and chisel the whole body. It is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with an added cardiovascular element utilizing the barre. All these elements combined make it a perfect total body workout.



  • Lynn's energy and enthusiasm are contagious. She is encouraging, caring, and makes exercise fun! Her classes are fast paced and she challenges you to push yourself, all the while, making sure your form is correct. I always leave Lynn's classes feeling that I have met my exercise goals.
    — Rose Marie Sanders
  • I have been a client of Lynn Fernandez's since September of 2014. I had recently moved to Charlotte and was in search of a way to get in shape and meet new people. I found both in Lynn's TRX classes! TRX is the most challenging workout I have ever done and Lynn increases that challenge with always inventing new ways to make us sweat. I am so impressed that I have not done the same workout twice in a year and a half. Although it's hard work her classes are so much fun! This is one of the reasons her clients keep coming back. She will always demonstrate the exercises and create any modifications to suit her client's needs. I have never felt stronger! I highly recommend Lynn Fernandez Training! Lynn is 100% committed to your success!
    — K
  • Lynn's TRX classes are the best strength training/total body workout I've ever had. No class is ever the same so I don't get bored and am continually challenging all muscles. Lynn is an excellent teacher who is in fantastic shape herself. She is attentive to the needs of each student, but does not let anybody get away with slacking. I am strong and fit because of Lynn's coaching.
    — Sandy B.
  • I have been training with Lynn for two and a half years, doing TRX, Barre, and Boot Camp with her. Her instruction is motivating, challenging, and perhaps most surprisingly - fun! I have always enjoyed different types of exercise and fitness classes, but Lynn’s efficient and effective workouts have increased my core strength to a new level. I love the positive changes to my body, and the strength I have gained. I look forward to my times with her each week – her encouragement and suggested modifications are always on target, and despite the reality of her incredibly tough workouts I find myself constantly smiling and laughing. I end each session with positive energy on a physical and mental level, and a real sense of accomplishment and achievement. Her training has positively influenced my ultimate goal of a healthy lifestyle with the additional benefit of gaining a special friend who makes you work really hard while focusing and laughing simultaneously!
    — C.

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